RORY WILMER Lost behind the curtain RORY WILMER Lost behind the curtain RORY WILMER Lost behind the curtain

Why you don't need an agency to manage your company social media...

...and other things I have learnt from 20 years in digital communications.
✅ Are you paying large fees to creative and digital agencies? 
✅ Are you unsure of what the actual return on investment is? 
✅ Are you questioning if digital and social investment is worth it?

If the answer is yes, then all you need is a guide to help you set up the perfect in-house marketing team.

📡 With 20 years of experience in digital strategy, Rory will guide you towards creating valuable digital communication and social media strategies. With his ‘no bullshit’ approach to data storytelling and strategic thinking, Rory demystifies the haze of ignorance around social media which many agencies take advantage of, making it clear for all to understand from the interns to the board members. 

📈 Regain control of your marketing spend today and get realtime results.
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Podcast Pivo Cover Ep3

Cedric Maloux the startup wizard of Prague

Cedric Maloux is the managing director of Startupyard. Cedric is the most prolific digital entrepreneur in Prague. He has helped transform the Prague district of Smíchov into the Silicone valley start-up centre of Czechia. Since 2011 Startupyard has accelerated over 70 companies. Many of which have since been acquired, with over THIRTY MILLION EUROS of...
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Adrian Stout & the infectous sounds of The Tiger Lillies

Adrian Stout is the bassist in the provocative avant-garde punk cabaret band The Tiger Lillies. For over 25 years Adrian has been touring the world performing to sell out crowds and gracing the stage of Europe’s alternative theatre scene as well as grand stadiums and concert halls. The Tiger Lillies experience is not for the...
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Aidan Hughes on Podcast Pivo

BRUTE! Propaganda – The Art Of Aidan Hughes

Aidan Hughes is a world-renowned illustrator and artist. In a career spanning over 40 years, his vector woodcut propaganda-style has made his work much in demand as a commercial artist. Aidan’s work has been exhibited all over the world. His work has stood alongside the likes of BANKSY and Shepherd Fairy and wouldn’t look out...
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