Pre Order Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins

Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins

Preorders of Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins are now open for Kindle version.

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Vices drive social media engagement. It is defined as a dopamine hit; social media has created billions of addicts addicted to their social status through the endorphin release of likes, shares and notifications. Social Media and the seven deadly sins explore the relationships between the original cardinal sins and our addiction to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. Have we sold our souls searching for the next dopamine hit, and how far will we go for the subsequent notification or like? Over the past 20 years, Rory Wilmer has worked in digital marketing strategy supporting major brands propagate their messages through social media. Now he has decided to speak out about what he has seen and how we need to change our behaviour to recover from our social media addictions.