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Good beer and great conversations. Podcat Pivo from Prague with Rory Wilmer.

I started Podcast Pivo to share conversations with the incredible and talented people I have met and meet in Prague and around the Czech Republic. The series isn’t just limited to people who live in Prague, but the premises of the series is that there is some connection to Czech Republic, Prague and central Europe.

So many good conversations happen in pubs over a cold beer. Pub culture is part of the DNA of life in the Czech Republic. And this is what I wanted to showcase in Podcast Pivo. I have always been interested in people and their stories. Its most probably why I ended up working in the communications industry in public relations and marketing. I’ve been conducting interviews in one way or another, through my photostories, blog stories, magazines, and video content for a long time. Its something I always felt comfortable with. I’ve had the privilege to meet incredible people as a result of my inquisitive nature. So Podcast Pivo was a personal project to get on tape some of the great people I have met and to record their stories for prosperity.

You can find the podcast at all the usual podcast type places. I use Anchor to create and syndicate the series and its distributed to all the major podcast sites.

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