BRUTE! Propaganda – The Art Of Aidan Hughes

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Aidan Hughes is a world-renowned illustrator and artist. In a career spanning over 40 years, his vector woodcut propaganda-style has made his work much in demand as a commercial artist. Aidan’s work has been exhibited all over the world. His work has stood alongside the likes of BANKSY and Shepherd Fairy and wouldn’t look out of place hanging on the wall of a post-soviet union housing block.

Aidan stems from Merseyside in the northwest of the UK where he was born and raised. In the past decade, Aidan settled in the Czech Republic with his wife and two children. I caught up with Aidan in his Prague neighbourhood to discuss art, his career, what he likes to drink as well as the recent publication of his latest book THE COMPLETE BRUTE!

You can find Aidan Hughes on Facebook searching for the group BRUTE! pulp nasty and on Twitter under the handle @bruteprop or just search Google for BRUTE! Propaganda and your screen will be filled with his incredible work. Aidan’s book THE COMPLETE BRUTE! is available on Amazon and its selling fast so make sure you get your copy today. I want to thank Aidan for taking the time to be our guest on the very first episode of PODCAST PIVO and we dedicate this episode to Malcom Bennett his co creator of BRUTE! who is sadly no longer with us. Rest in peace brother. Stay tune for the next episode of Podcast Pivo for our next instalment of conversations in Prague with the great people who make this city what it is. My name is Rory Wilmer and all I have to say is: Ešte jedno prosím this Podcast Pivo.