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Writing Books For Screenplays

Four Books On Writing That Will Improve Your Screenplays

Writing my first book, Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins, was a learning curve. To then start the development of a screenplay was even more so. Advertising copywriting over the years has taught me a thing or two about the craft. Yet I found a lot more inspiration and guidance from other sources. Let...
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Tanizaki Junichiro In Praise of Shadows

Chasing shadows

It is inevitable upon the start of a journey into the art of bonsai that you are immersed deeply in Japanese and Eastern philosophy. As is well written, like many elements of Japanese culture, the art of bonsai originates from China. The Japanese art of bonsai originated from the Chinese practise of penjing. From the 6th...
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Deshōjō maple by Rory Wilmer

3 Bonsai Artists Who Have Inspired Me

I first dabbled with Bonsai in my late teens. I was gifted a bonsai tree, the garden centre mass produced variety. Looking back I realise I was too young and naive to understand what I was doing. The poor tree didn’t survive even a year. I soon gave up on the idea of caring for...
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Rory Wilmer se vypsal z hříchů: Uživatele mají jen sociální sítě a drogoví dealeři

Social Media & The Seven Deadly Sins Interview with Flowee magazine

I sat down with Czech journalist Zdeněk Strnad to talk about my book Social Media & The Seven Deadly Sins and how we can take steps to better look after ourselves on social media. If you can read Czech you can view the original article here. If not I have used the translation tool DeepL...
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Rory Wilmer Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins


On Friday 24th September 2021 at 15:10 I was live on the East conference stage at the 16th Repperbahn festival conference in Hamburg. Gerhard Maier Artistic Director of Seriencamp interviewed me about my book Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins. Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest music platform for the music and digital industry. The...
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Matt Graham on Podcast Pivo

Podcast Pivo Episode 6 In Conversation With Hollywood’s Matt Graham

In Conversation With Hollywood’s Matt Graham – Writer And Dive Bar Enthusiast! Matt Graham is the writer of Oliver Stone’s award winning Showtime / Netflix series, The Untold History of the United States, as well as the upcoming new series “Apollo” – based on the little known real events leading up to the Moon Landing...
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Learning the art of bonsai pottery II

Part 2 – mame and shohin In part 1 of this blog series I started this series off with their first two of my creations in clay and focused on the potters from Tokoname in Japan who gave me the original inspiration to start learning how to make my own bonsai pottery. I now start...
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Learning the art of bonsai pottery

Tokoname bonsai pot- Artist; Master Kataoka Katsushi. The documentary from Bonsai Empire showcasing called “The Clay Masters of Tokoname” was my first step in learning how to make my own bonsai pots. I took great inspiration from the masters of Tokoname which taught me to learn to love the clay. Part 1 – Creations
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Social Media & The Seven Deadly Sins

Pre Order Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins

Preorders of Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins are now open for Kindle version. Exclsuive to Amazon, paperback version will become avaiable in the summer. Preorder at your regional Amazon store today. US / UK / DE / IT / NL / JP / CA Vices drive social media engagement. It is defined as a dopamine hit; social media has created...
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Having a beer with Michal Skoda, the brewery director of Pivovar Proud

PODCAST PIVO EPISODE 5 SEASON 1. Having a beer with Michal Skoda, the brewery director of Pivovar Proud Michal Skoda is the Brewery director of Pivovar Proud. Proud is a new microbrewery project within the macro-brewery of Plzensky Prazdroj, the historic Plzen brewery and home of Pilsner Urquell. Michal’s passion is beer, and he has been working in...
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In conversation with Thomas Kolster author of Goodvertising & The Hero Trap

In Episode 4 of Podcast Pivo, we welcome a true advertising hero Thomas Kolster to talk about The Goodvertising movement and his latest book, The Hero Trap. Listen at your preferred podcast channel. ? Spotify ? Apple Podcasts ? Google Podcast Thomas Kolster is a marketing activist on a mission to make business put people...
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Zoom fatigue? Make meetings great again using Roblox

Are you getting tired of Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft team meetings? I know I am. This was orginally posted on LinkedIn by Rory Wilmer. While the home office does have some benefits, the fatigue of online sessions and video conferencing are taking their toll. There are various reasons for this. One is the remoteness...
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Dude, hold my cranberry juice. Or how creative agencies are becoming irrelevant.

Just as with the recession of 2008, the COVID-19 pandemic and the following economic downturn massacred the advertising and creative industries. That, I argue – is a good thing.  A reset of the industry is long overdue and creative power now firmly lies with the audiences and not the smug hipster creative directors and advertising...
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Cedric Maloux the startup wizard of Prague

Cedric Maloux is the managing director of Startupyard. Cedric is the most prolific digital entrepreneur in Prague. He has helped transform the Prague district of Smíchov into the Silicone valley start-up centre of Czechia. Since 2011 Startupyard has accelerated over 70 companies. Many of which have since been acquired, with over THIRTY MILLION EUROS of...
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Adrian Stout & the infectous sounds of The Tiger Lillies

Adrian Stout is the bassist in the provocative avant-garde punk cabaret band The Tiger Lillies. For over 25 years Adrian has been touring the world performing to sell out crowds and gracing the stage of Europe’s alternative theatre scene as well as grand stadiums and concert halls. The Tiger Lillies experience is not for the...
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BRUTE! Propaganda – The Art Of Aidan Hughes

Aidan Hughes is a world-renowned illustrator and artist. In a career spanning over 40 years, his vector woodcut propaganda-style has made his work much in demand as a commercial artist. Aidan’s work has been exhibited all over the world. His work has stood alongside the likes of BANKSY and Shepherd Fairy and wouldn’t look out...
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Welcome to PODCAST PIVO conversation and beers

Good beer and great conversations. Podcat Pivo from Prague with Rory Wilmer. I started Podcast Pivo to share conversations with the incredible and talented people I have met and meet in Prague and around the Czech Republic. The series isn’t just limited to people who live in Prague, but the premises of the series is...
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Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins: For every vice, there is a virtue

An extract from Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins

Vices drive social media engagement. It is defined as a dopamine hit; social media has created billions of addicts addicted to their social status through the endorphin release of likes, shares and notifications. Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins explore the relationships between the original cardinal sins and our addiction to the likes of...
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